See how these 3 hot Instagram moms are hyping up for 2020's Quarantine Halloween

2020 has been so different with the unexpected hit of the global pandemic and requires resilience in physical, psychological and financial well-being to get through. Let Bobbidi Kid offer you some top picks for spontaneous moms who have amazing views and ideas on keeping quarantine off having the best holidays ever every year.

1. Luxe With Grace @luxewithgrace

Melissa often shares her heartful comments on her fave luxe clothing accessories and beauty items. Mel is also a faithful Christian and a mother of 3 little angels (2 girls and 1 boy). God's love and her motherhood never cedes to become her unlimited source for blog inspiration.

This 2020 Halloween is going to be different because Mel is having her two princesses dressed up truly like princesses. Staying in this holiday season does not mean Mel and her girls should cut down on the extravagance of the festive occasion, shouldn't they?

2. The Show Gals @theshowgals

@Theshowgals is run by Katelyn Showalter - a skilled crafter, a passionate baker and a travel lover. 2020 is keeping her and her daughter inside but she just cannot let the vibrant and positive energy of the color pink stop on her social account. 
"Quarantine is keeping people apart doesn't mean my girl has one less reason to be a princess that she likes this Halloween." said Katelyn and we, Bobbidi Kid could not agree more when we see her little angel jump up and down in the Aurora Tulle Dress that fits her perfectly.


2. Astoria In Heels @astorianinheels

Andrea is a corporate working mom of two little girls and wife of a wonderful husband. Her mission is to help moms navigate life as a mom and a full time working women without sacrificing style. One of her ways to do that is to offer her gals only the best-valued clothings and Bobbidi Kid is more than thrilled to have Astoria pick our Little Princess Dress for her little angel last month.

"My baby already declared to wear this new favorite dress of her till she grows out of it." said Andrea and we, Bobbidi Kid, cannot agree more since the dress fits her like heaven.


So what's your plan for this special Halloween that most of us have never expect to come in a lifetime? Share with us on our Social Media to stand a chance winning special prizes and e-GIFT cards exclusively from Bobbidi Kid.

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