We, as a brand, believe that every feedback is a valuable asset to grow our business. Chippi & Co. wants to be a brand developed to the extent where, besides being maintained by earnings, decency and fairness will become our key pillars to keep on doing what we do.

Since the start, we have been making sure that no comments are left unheard. We encourage our customers or whoever gets to be with our products to voice their opinions so that we can gauge what is expected from our products to stay relevant and, hopefully, ahead in the competition for quality, in both materialistic and non-materialistic senses. 


"Customer feedback are regarded as precious to every staff of Chippi & Co., needless to say. Yet, above that, we want to be talked about to create a platform where positive sources of energy and inspiration are consistently shared and, hence, let happiness multiply."
Ha Thuc Dieu Linh, CEO of Chippi & Co..

"It came just as pictured and is adorable." - Aimee Little

"I loved the doll when I saw the picture. But wheni received it, it exceeded expectation. Not only is it adorable but extremely well-made." - June Bradley

"The unicorn is a beautiful gift for a baby girl. It's truly lovely." - ashsleys359

"My granddaughter loved this unicorn, and so did I. The pastels were beautiful, and it is so soft and squeezable. Just adorable." - Marie C
 "She is so cute! Well made and fast service. Great gift bag included and was packaged for protection!" - Johnny Shaffer Jr

"I love them. Tinker bell is my daughter’s favorite. The elf is adorable." - Susanne Weems
"From. Rudolph to Vixen and little Elf doll, to Camelia, Ellie, Rosie and Rainbow Unicorn, all these are wonderful and such cute toys to give and enjoy with the grandkids !" - Cathy K.
"I bought this for a friends niece. It was quick ship to work up and product was awesome! Love this Unicorn Lovey!" - Theres Santiago
" This is the cutest thing I've ordered for my granddaughter. It is absolutely precious! The colors are vibrant and its so soft! She'll LOVE it :)" - Samantha Fuller