Materials Matter Most

Bobbidi Kid is a loving brand founded by loving moms - who want nothing but only the best for our little customers just like how we go all miles to have the best for our children. After years of working in the textile industries and experiencing first-hand the ever-difficult but rewarding journey of parenthood, we missed no chance to listen to customers' needs and wants and decided to make Bobbidi Kid's material quality control our #1 priority.

"I couldn't stand still when I saw my best friend's 4-year-old daughter who developed contact dermatitis (a common type of Eczema) and were unable to where her favorite anime character's dress as it had no anti-friction inner layer. I think every girl is a princess and should look like one whenever and however she wants. So I started Bobbidi Kid." - Linh Ha (Co-founder).




We want our parent and children customers to be surrounded by holistic and wellbeing-oriented fabrics and toys so it took 3 years for us to find our now proudly first-class natural craftmanship materials and ethical production, entirely endowed in Vietnam. 

Vietnam is one of Asia’s largest textile exporters with substantial comparative advantages in both expertise and resources. Silk is one of the biggest pride and Bobbidi Kid is happy to have only the best tier of silk quality incorporated in our designs.

Moreover, we are passionate about empowering the less-privileged in society so we partially contract and co-operate with special labors including the handicapped, hearing-impaired and rehab patients to produce our all-time favorite Crochet Toys. We strongly believe that every one deserves another chance to be equal, regardless past mishaps and misfortunes.



Natural fabrics making up Bobbidi Kid dresses' inner layer are the key tangibly soft element whose high quality you can instantly understand upon one single touch. Keeping the glamor and extravagance of artificial materials like rayon, polyesters and nylon, which are heavily treated by toxic chemicals and difficult to decontaminated even right after fabrication, Bobbidi Kid use all tested hypoallergenic natural fabrics like cotton silk to create a separating inner layer to protect children's delicate skin.



What makes the Silk inner feature perfect is its extra-light weight so our little angels can play carefreely and we the caring adults can take one worry off our mind. It is because we believer a twirl is made perfect when there is no burden holding a princess' body and mood down, ever.



Realising our advantages in quality fabrics and years of expertise in manufacturing and fashion retail, Bobbidi Kid vow to develop our business organically and to always remember and recall why and how we started - because we are, have been and will forever be fearless to fight for only the best for our little angels.


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