Sweeter-than-candy gift suggestion for this Valentine's Day from Chippi & Co.

February 14th is just a month away. And you are celebrating Valentine's Day or even Galentine in a memorable way! Are your looking for a gift for your wife, girlfriend, partner, or even yourself this love season that is simple, thorough but must have some wow factors and a touch of cuteness? You want to send your long-distance-relationship a surprise? How about a cute Valentine's with your little lady? 

Browse this list gifts for her, gifts for couple for your inspiration this love season.

1. Valentina Crochet Doll

A classic red doll with a love letter is lauded as romantic go-to. Fantastic idea for new lovers or asking your crush out for dinner in case you are too shy to do so in person.

Valentina Doll Chippi & Co. crochet toy

2. Pink Teddy Bear

More ideas for classic lovers. A teddy bear as a first anniversary gift for her room decor and bedtime friend. Who wouldn't say "Awwwwwww"?

Chippi & co. pink teddy bear crochet animal plush toy


3. Ceci & Cela - The Red Bunny Sisters

No more Valentine's, 'cuz you are celebrating Galantine with your besties instead. Instagram-perfect Ceci Cela Bunnies are best options for you gals to show that y'all single and super happy.

Chippi & Co. Bunny toy bunny doll Valentine gift, gift for couple

4. Gingerbread couple

The most budget-friendly gift but not less cute. You want to remind your partner that every moment with him/her, it's like festive season - so warm, cozy and sacred. This ginger man, woman can also be used as keychain or an ornament for home decor.

Chippi & co. gingerbread doll couple ornament, gift for her, gift for him, valentine gift, gift for couple

Still picky about gift choice? You can request a custom-made plush doll for your loved one at our Etsy store: bobbidikid.etsy.com

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  • Jill Satten

    Your bunnies are adorable. What is the price of the littlest bunnies that one has a headband and the matching sister? I would like them in pink. I have a granddaughter due plus I have another granddaughter
    Thank you

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