Top 5 Fancy Birthday Dresses To Fill Your Girl's Love Tank

Summer birthday during Covid-19 is not less exciting, ever since there are a lot of activities in your plan to surprise your little angels. Backyard picnic, an astonishing birthday party, a secret princess dress to fill her love tank, etc.

Bobbidi Kid has all the luxury designer birthday day dresses to help you plan a perfect special day for your girl to memorize her vivid childhood. 

1. Princess Wedding Dress

This creamy white organza layered dress with a giant bowtie as a highlight will make your girl feel like a little bride. The silk layer will comfort her skin along the event without scratchy feeling.

2. Aurora Dress

If your girl is obsessed with pink, this dress is the best to satisfy her princess dream. The floral top, delicate short-sleeve, and glittering long-tail tulle layers completely make her feel like a sleeping beauty. The dress also comes with a matching pinky bowtie headpin that surely let your girl jump in hyper joy.

3. Little Princess Dress

Another option for your pinky girl. This dress is sleeveless, extremely suitable for summer events with lots of jumping and running around or outdoor activities.

4. Colorful Unicorn Dress

Every girl loves unicorn, and for sure, will be joyful to dress as one in Haloween. The colorful tulle skirt will wow her mind and the glittering unicorn headband will cheer her up instantly.

5. Ivory Ice Queen Dress

How about dressing like an ice queen with white pearl imitating snowflakes? This set gives the mature and powerful look of the real sassy queen.

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