Welcome to Chippi&Co

Here comes the story of how Chippi&Co started . We are Lynn Ha and Annie Chu - co-founders, proud moms and children-wellbeing enthusiasts.

We are unrelated by blood but sisters by choice. We grew up from unique backgrounds with endowments in textile sourcing and assembly techniques and clicked for having matching visions on kid fashion retail. Working together on several projects - both failed and flourished, we are proud to have Chippi&Co as our most devoted brand ever, inheriting the essences of works and experiences from our previous successes.

Meet the Founders

We are an out-of-bound company established by two empowered women.

Lynn Ha is a successful Businesswoman, Finance Specialist and Loving Mom to 2 beautiful girls. 

"The story of Chippi&Co originates from my very own need to find a clothing line for my daughters who have most worrying genes from me - pale and extremely sensitive skin. Besides, witnessing my close friends' kids' eczema worsened by their clothings and toys, I could not be standing still as a frequently promoted businesswoman but a self-perceived helpless adult. Luckily, I met my amazing business partner, Annie Chu, who is so experienced in fashion design and fashion retail. Together we have been through thick and thin so that we can have what we call Chippi&Co - today."

Annie Chu, on the other hand, is a meticulous expert in fashion design, textile sourcing and product concepts.

"I believe that Kid Fashion should be done in a more whole-heartedly manner than it is commonly today. I think the ONLY way that a brand can stand the test of time is through quality which can become the key pillar to create an edge to compete for the very best for our little angels."

With two leaders complementing each other in both aesthetic and pragmatic aspects of a brand, Chippi&Co is expected to have an impact for a sustainable fashion industry.

Our motto

We can be experienced as artisans, businesswomen and mothers but we always remember to do what we do as if we were the beginner we used to be. Having the alert and stubborn (sometimes) mentality like a beginner keeps us eager to learn and work tirelessly towards perfection without making or knowing any limits. Only when we keep every start of days fresh and positive, we know we can offer our customers the best.


Our brand

Chippi&Co is a joint stock company, Vietnam-based entity headquartered in Hanoi. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality in materials and craftsmanship to deliver the only the most delicate, the safest and the most adorable handcrafted toys, exciting decor and safe apparels for children.

Meanings behind the name: "Chippi and Company" - The proximity of 'company' can be as wide as positive energy from friends, family or acquaintances around Chippi, an imaginary little child/ mascot/ angel who well-deserve attention, love and care just like any other child. Meanwhile, it can be as intrinsically spiritual as simple companionship that brings about temporal sense of care and protection.

We believe in a world where every person, especially every child, feels specially cared, loved and protected.